Posted in July 2012

Adding a video 1
Like images, videos can be easily added to blog posts: Embedding a video Videos can’t be uploaded directly. Instead they […] Posted July 24, 2012
Adding images 2
A cute cat photo can brighten up any blog post. Today, let’s talk about adding images: Uploading your images First, […] Posted July 17, 2012
Text styles
As an author for a PCC blog, you can add certain styles to the text as you write. It is […] Posted July 9, 2012
Putting a face on your posts and comments
Have you noticed this image attached to your comments and on your profile page? That is your avatar. Pretty boring, […] Posted July 5, 2012
Creating an author profile 3
Every blog author should take a moment to add some biographical info to their profile. This information will be added […] Posted July 5, 2012
Screenshot of browser at Blogging at Portland Community College
We are now piloting a platform for blogs at PCC. For those not familiar, a blog is a website consisting […] Posted July 3, 2012



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