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Text styles

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Menu options for styling text on your blog As an author for a PCC blog, you can add certain styles to the text as you write. It is important to understand what these styles mean –  not only do they change the visual appearance of the text – they also add information that can be interpreted by assistive technologies and search engines. In other words, using styles to format your document properly will help your readers and get you better positioning in Google.

Heading 3

Headings should be used to define the paragraphs of text that follows. There are normally 6 levels of headings available, however on the H1 is reserved for the site title (PCC logo) and the H2 is reserved for the title of the document (eg. ‘Text Styles’).

Start by using H3 headings for the content in your posts.

Heading 4

If you need to further define a section of content within the context of an H3, then an H4 can be used.

Heading 5

In the same way, an H5 would only be used under an H4.

Heading 6

And finally, we have H6. If you find yourself in need of further levels of headings … well, you may want to rethink the structure of your document.

Other Styles

Additionally, you can bold or italicize in-line text text to create emphasis.

  • An unordered or, bulleted list
  • Is good for items
  • That don’t have need a particular order
  1. An ordered list
  2. Is only for items
  3. That occur one after the next

Strike-through text is a super fabulous good  fine way to show that an edit has been made to the text. Though you may want to note explaining why the text was changed.

This is a  blockquote. It should really only be used when you have a lot of text to quote. Otherwise, just use normal quotation marks. — Gabriel

A few more words about emphasis

Headings, bold, and italics are all important elements that should be used sparingly. Overuse can quickly escalate to an “emphasis cold war”:

You start by putting a large block of text in bold. It’s important text, so no big deal. Right? But wait. Some of these words  are more important than others. So we better add some italics! Oh, no! Now things are getting OUT OF CONTROL. MY CAPS-LOCK SEEMS TO BE STUCK. EVERYONE IMAGINES THAT I AM YELLING THESE WORDS!!!! SOON YOU’VE CREATED aN UnInTeLlIgIbLe WaLl oF TeXT tHaT iS ImPoSsIbLe tO ReAd.

Friends don’t let friends over emphasize.

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