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Adding images

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A picture of a kitten. Found on Flickr using the CC search.

Kitten photo by Tom Clifton.

A cute cat photo can brighten up any blog post. Today, let’s talk about adding images:

Uploading your images

First, make sure that your images are ready. Any modifications, or enhancements should be done on your desktop computer.

Now, on the edit screen, look for the “Upload/Insert” text and icon. It is located between the title and you main editing area. Clicking the icon will bring up an “Add media” box.

Use the “Select” button to find the image files on your computer.

Once the images are all uploaded, you can switch to the “Gallery” tab to choose an image.

Inserting a single image

From the “Gallery” tab, you can select an image to insert. First click “Show” to expand the image options. Then, click the “Insert into Post” to add the image.

Adding a gallery

Alternatively, you can add a gallery of all the uploaded images. Note that this will show all of the images – regardless of whether they have already been inserted into the post individually.

Accessibility is important

Shows how to add the title, alt text and caption.All content on you blog must reach a certain level of accessibility. For images, this means that you need to add an appropriate “Title” and “Alternative text“.

  • Title – a short name the image. The title is automatically created, but often based on the file name – in other words: useless. Please update titles like: 2545793475_6f143262d7_o, or Picture 1
  • Alternative text – this is important alternative information for those who are unable to “see” the image. It should convey any information that a non-sighted individual would be missing. Alt text is also important for search engine ranking.
  • Caption – A caption is an optional way to provide additional information for both sighted and non-sighted users.

You can add information even after an image is placed in the post. Simply click on the image and an edit button will appear.

What do you mean I can’t use that photo?

Any image you upload should help to enhance the content already on the page. Despite the first sentence of this post, you really should avoid purely decorative photos such as clip art, or random kittens.

Additionally, you will need to have the appropriate rights to post a photo. Here are some things to consider:

Getting permission of the subject

Even if you took the photo, it is a good idea to get permission from the people who are featured. This is especially true if the person in the photo is a minor. Here is a simple media release form that you can use to make sure that subject knows what the photo may be used for.

Let’s talk about copyright

Just because you found a photo on the Internet does not mean that you can use it. In most cases, the opposite is true – reposting an image would violate the copyright laws. To be safe, you should use your own photos, or look for creative commons (cc) images, where the author is giving you express permission to repost.

Flickr has an entire section dedicated to (cc) licensed photos that you can use. Make sure to read the permission rules for each photo. You will often need to give attribution to the original creator of the image. Adding a caption (see the kitten photo on this page) is a great way to do this.

Images that violate copyright may be removed without warning.

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