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Adding a video

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Like images, videos can be easily added to blog posts:

Embedding a video

Videos can’t be uploaded directly. Instead they are stored on other services, like YouTube. To embed a video from YouTube, simply copy the address into a new line of your post:

Alternatively, you can use the embed syntax:

If you want to control the size that the video will be displayed you must use embed:

  • [embed width=”700″][/embed]
  • [embed height=”100″][/embed]

For posts on, the maximum width should be “700”.

What videos can I post?

Just like images, videos must be accessible and free of copyright violations. The best option is to only embed videos from the official PCC YouTube channel.

If you are interested in having a video created and posted to YouTube, please star the process by completing the media production request form.

Videos without timed captions, or those with copyright violations may be removed without warning.

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Wiki Commons is another good resource for public domain images:

Thanks for creating this platform for the PCC Community Gabe!

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