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Setting the icon for a post

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A few weeks ago, we talked about how to add images to your posts.

The images you upload can be displayed in-line (one by one), or as a gallery – but, they also have another important feature: The first image becomes the icon for the blog post.

What do you mean by “icon”

At the top level, your blog displays the title, excerpt and date for each post. If an image is available, it will show up to the left  of each listing. If an image is not available this space will be left blank. The icon can help your readers understand the post at-a-glance … Therefore, it is recommended that you choose your post icon carefully.

An example of where the icons show up

What do you mean by “first”

In this case, “first” refers to the order of the images in your Upload/Insert > Gallery window.

This is how you set the order

Note that you can change the order by simply dragging the rows. Just be sure to click “Save all changes” when you are done.

This means that you have a lot of flexibility when setting the icon: The icon image does not have to be embedded in your post.

Take this post for example: I uploaded an image of Mt. Hood and set it as the first image in the gallery. If everything worked out that image is now the icon for this post. Let me publish this post and go check. I’ll be right back…


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