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Website update

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Last spring, just 9 short months ago, the website underwent a huge upgrade. Now, we’re back with another one. This time, the focus is on visual identity:

homeVisual identity

Continuing the process that started during PCC’s 50th anniversary, the college is working to align its visual language¬†across all mediums with consistent brand symbols, fonts and signature colors. This update to the website is the next phase of that iteration, with small stylistic changes that align with the college’s brand expression so that all of our communication “speaks” with one united “voice.” Coming soon, the Office of Strategic Communications will release an online toolbox based on these updated visual identity standards. It will include tools and templates to help departments and individuals at PCC meet their communications goals, no matter what they are.

Under the hood

Inside, the administrative interface should look almost the same. We’re running WordPress 4.4.2 (the latest version) and will work to keep the blogs website updates and secure.

One new feature is a consolidated “PCC Post Attributes” box. You can now easily set either of the following when a post requires it:

New meta box!Short Title

This is the title that will appear in the sidebar and main index page listings. If your post requires an extremely long title, you can use this to provide a shorter alternative.

Replace Byline

When set, this will replace the authors name as the default byline. Can be useful for posts with multiple authors. Or, when you need to credit a photographer.

As always, please drop me a line [opens in new window] if you have any questions!

Start the discussion

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