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Gabriel Nagmay

Hey there. I am a web analyst for Portland Community College. This means that I am responsible for the design, implementation, care and feeding of our public website and related sites.

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Responsive update Responsive update 1
Recently, the college began updating pages on The new template was created to improve the experience for users visiting […] Posted July 6, 2015
Screen Shot of the new "Formats" select WordPress 3.9
All sites onĀ have been updated to WordPress 3.9. Unlike the last update, there are no big visual changes to […] Posted April 28, 2014
Screen Shot of 3.8 WordPress 3.8 1
All sites onĀ have been updated to WordPress 3.8 People reading your blog shouldn’t notice any difference. However when you, […] Posted December 12, 2013
A random picture of Mt. Hood Setting the icon for a post
A few weeks ago, we talked about how to add images to your posts. The images you upload can be […] Posted August 2, 2012
Adding a video Adding a video 1
Like images, videos can be easily added to blog posts: Embedding a video Videos can’t be uploaded directly. Instead they […] Posted July 24, 2012
A picture of a kitten. Found on Flickr using the CC search. Adding images 2
A cute cat photo can brighten up any blog post. Today, let’s talk about adding images: Uploading your images First, […] Posted July 17, 2012
Text styles Text styles
As an author for a PCC blog, you can add certain styles to the text as you write. It is […] Posted July 9, 2012
Putting a face on your posts and comments Putting a face on your posts and comments
Have you noticed this image attached to your comments and on your profile page? That is your avatar. Pretty boring, […] Posted July 5, 2012
Creating an author profile Creating an author profile 3
Every blog author should take a moment to add some biographical info to their profile. This information will be added […] Posted July 5, 2012
Screenshot of browser at Blogging at Portland Community College
We are now piloting a platform for blogs at PCC. For those not familiar, a blog is a website consisting […] Posted July 3, 2012



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