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Contact info: http://www.pcc.edu/resources/web/ | webteam@pcc.edu

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Web Team

The Web Team is a small group of people charged with providing web services for the PCC community. If you have needs or concerns regarding Portland Community College's web presence, please get in touch with us: webteam@pcc.edu

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Website update Website update
Last spring, just 9 short months ago, the website underwent a huge upgrade. Now, we’re back with another one. This […] Posted March 7, 2016
Screen shot of image grid WordPress 4.0
All sites onĀ blogs.pcc.edu have been updated to WordPress 4.0! Here are few new features to look for: Improved media library […] Posted September 5, 2014
Home office Finding copyright free images for your posts 2
We already talked about how to add images to your posts. Today, I’d like to look at where you can […] Posted May 21, 2014
Categories interface Categories and Tags
So, you’ve been blogging for a while and have started accumulating a large number of posts – congratulations! But, since […] Posted October 22, 2013



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