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The Geezer Gallery: Volunteers needed for art/writing program

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Volunteer Opportunities Newsletter

The Geezer Gallery, a non-profit organization in Portland, Oregon needs volunteers to assist in an art/writing program that’s brought to senior communities.

The program is 3 hours a week and is 12 weeks long. Because we develop a trust culture with participants we would like someone who can help out for the duration. We explore storytelling and use art to reflect and embellish the stories. In addition to prep time, volunteers would be helping set up and tear down for classes as well as one-on-one help with participants. This is an evidence-based program which has shown to have positive aspects in aging.

We would welcome someone in the gerontology, writing, or art program. No specific degrees are required. This is an on-going program that’s brought to various communities.

If interested please contact Candyce Scott at Candyce.scott@pcc.edu or (971) 212-5761.


Candyce Scott
Candyce.scott@pcc.edu | 971-212-5761

About the Organization

The Geezer Gallery is a unique 501c3 non-profit art organization devoted to celebrating Master Level senior artists and providing “art as therapy” programs, giving voice through art to seniors in our community. Our creativity programs for seniors are designed to enable brain-cell growth, dexterity and an opportunity for personal self-expression.