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Volunteer Opportunities Newsletter

Volunteer with Tuality Healthcare!

At Tuality Healthcare, we are constantly looking for qualified individuals to fill our growing volunteer program. We are especially looking for students who are interested in volunteer opportunities and may:

  • be interested in a career in healthcare
  • be looking for experience and exposure in a specific area of healthcare
  • want to add community service to their resume or applications
  • need to complete volunteer service for credit

More information about the process to volunteer is available on our website.  Applications are available online or by contacting our Volunteer Coordinator (Volunteer.Services@tuality.org or  503-681-1489).


Volunteer Coordinator
Volunteer.Services@tuality.org | 503-681-1489
Tuality Volunteer Services website

About the Organization

Tuality Healthcare, an OHSU Partner, is committed to providing the best health care to our community. Our mission ensures that our hospitals, clinics, and physician practices fully support the health care needs of Hillsboro and western Washington County.

The volunteer program at Tuality is built around men and women of all ages and experiences that are committed to providing a compassionate, healing environment for our patients and their families through the many services that they perform.