PCC Sylvania: Spring Term Orientation for ESOL Tutors (Wed, April 12th)

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Sylvania ESOL Community-Based Learning Project

Hello and thank you for your interest in this community-based learning opportunity!  Below is some information about what you will be doing.  More details will be given at the orientation session on Wednesday (April 12) from 10am to 10:50pm in LIB 225  OR Wednesday (April 12) from 6pm to 6:50pm LIB 225

Volunteer as a Tutor

Every Wednesday from 10am-10:50am OR 7:00 pm to 7:50 pm, you will tutor small groups of ESOL students from levels 1 or 3.  This tutoring will happen in the ESOL classroom (here on the Sylvania campus) under the supervision of the ESOL instructor, who will provide the tutoring activities for each session.  During the tutoring sessions, you will be doing a range of activities such as: Helping the ESOL students write sentences, read simple texts, and having conversations about life in the U.S.A.

Who are the ESOL students in levels 1-3?
ESOL students generally have a rich variety of experiences and backgrounds.  They are from countries such as Somalia, Guatemala, Iran, Vietnam, Mexico, Colombia, etc. and can provide valuable and fascinating insight about the international experience.  Levels 1-3 are the lowest ESOL levels.  The students are true beginners in learning the English language.  

Students in ESOL levels 1-3 are immigrants and refugees who are dealing with the often frustrating process of adapting to a new culture, in addition to a new language.   Most ESOL students express a strong desire to interact with native English speakers, yet are often intimidated and lacking in opportunities to do so.  YOU will provide this important link!

How will YOU benefit from this project?

  • You’ll get experience working with people from another country!
  • You’ll meet people you may not otherwise get to interact with at PCC!
  • You’ll feel good about yourself for volunteering and tutoring your peers!
  • You’ll gain insights into the English language!
  • You’ll strengthen your OWN English skills as you help others with the language!
  • And much more!
How to sign up

Please attend the orientation meeting on:
Wednesday, April 12th
10am in LIB 225 OR 6pm in LIB 225 (Sylvania campus)


Sarah Bailie, ESOL Instructor

About the Organization

The PCC ESOL Department offers eight levels of English, from level 1, for students with no or very little English, through level 8, after which students can continue on with their college classes. ESOL levels 1 – 8 serve the needs of adult refugees, immigrants, permanent residents and U.S. citizens. Levels 4 – 8 also serve the needs of professional personnel working or training in the U.S., international students, and international visitors. American-born deaf or hard-of-hearing students may take levels 4 – 8 if their first language is American Sign Language.