Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

wlb3 Give us three evenings and you’ll have built a website
The course, Build a Website in Three Evenings with WordPress, was inspired by a hunch that many students take website […] Posted August 16, 2016
Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 1.44.02 PM Watch your mail box this week! 1
The Fall 2016 PCC Communities magazine and Community Ed class schedule are printed and will soon show up in your mail […] Posted August 15, 2016
rw3 Tone up and get fit
Instructor Yair Macedo, an Oregon Native, is an energetic Cardio Boot Camp instructor. He is motivated to help his students […] Posted August 12, 2016
Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 1.46.50 PM Register today for fall classes!
Registration for all Fall 2016 Community Ed classes is open today! You can register online, over the phone, in-person or […] Posted August 10, 2016
shyla_dan Be smarter, safer, and cheaper abroad!
Planning an international trip? Learn to travel in the Travel Abroad: Smarter, Safer, Cheaper Series so that you can focus on having […] Posted August 9, 2016
20160722_164427 Big ideas for tiny houses
Tiny houses are a big deal for people looking for financial freedom, tight-knit community, and lighter environmental footprint. In instructor Lina […] Posted August 5, 2016
P1150202 Art in the dark
In one of the few publicly accessible photography darkrooms in the metro area, students in Community Ed’s Darkroom Photography classes […] Posted August 1, 2016
webdesign3 WOW with PowerPoint and impress with a website
About Instructor Zita Podany Zita understands the practical aspects as well as aesthetics of desktop and Web publishing principles. An […] Posted June 6, 2016
IMG_0834 Surfing and SUPing in Seaside
Lexie Hallahan, Director of NW Women’s Surf Camps, has partnered with Clatsop Paddle’s Owner and SUP Tour Guide Cheryl Johnson […] Posted June 3, 2016
lc3 Immerse yourself in language and culture
Instructor Alyssa Grant loves language, culture and teaching. She has lived in Spanish-speaking countries for six years, traveled extensively, and […] Posted June 1, 2016