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Language and Culture

American Sign Language
American Sign Language (ASL), which originated in the early 19th century and has many related dialects around the world, has […] Posted March 10, 2017
Discovering culture and history through Arabic conversation
Instructor Afaf Raad Azar has been teaching Modern Standard Arabic for three years, and believes that Arabic Language is a […] Posted November 22, 2016
Be smarter, safer, and cheaper abroad!
Planning an international trip? Learn to travel in the┬áTravel Abroad: Smarter, Safer, Cheaper Series┬áso that you can focus on having […] Posted August 9, 2016
Immerse yourself in language and culture
Instructor Alyssa Grant loves language, culture and teaching. She has lived in Spanish-speaking countries for six years, traveled extensively, and […] Posted June 1, 2016
Global experience in your neighborhood language class
Karen Alexander-Brown, a PCC Community Ed language instructor, has lived, performed and taught on four continents. Earning an M.A. in […] Posted March 18, 2016
Oui, you can speak French!
Instructor Anne Cariou has been sharing her love for France, her native country, with her students for many years. Her […] Posted December 22, 2015