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Students And Staff Use MakerSpace Technology.
Reginald Holmes, an Electronic Engineering instructor at PCC, is working on a 3D printed mechatronics arm.  Reginald inspires his students to […] Posted January 30, 2015
3D Printing Scientific Elements For The Visually Impaired.
Eric Thomas, a mechanical engineering student, prints educational 3D models to foster learning of the blind and visually impaired.  In […] Posted January 30, 2015
Multnomah County Library Is Getting Ready To Make.
Multnomah County library will break ground on a new MakerSpace this Spring.  Representatives of the library toured the Portland Community […] Posted January 29, 2015
CNC router helps create the set for PCC theater
Machine Technology instructor Pat Kraft runs a 4’x8′ CNC Router to create brick patterns on wood.  These panels will be […] Posted January 29, 2015
Portland Development Commission, ADX, and Design Museum, visit the MakerSpace
Representatives from three different, yet very connected institutions toured the MakerSpace on Wednesday.  Academia connections to industry, job readiness, manufacturing […] Posted January 29, 2015
County Commissiner Steve Novick tours the MakerSpace
On Tuesday January 20th County Commissioner Steve Novick Toured the MakerSpace.  Commissioner Novick learned about the “maker movement,” and was […] Posted January 29, 2015
Lake Oswego Superintendent Visits PCC MakerSpace 1
Portland Community College Sylvania Campus President Suzanne Johnson and Lake Oswego Superintendent Heather Beck toured the MakerSpace on January 8th. […] Posted January 29, 2015
PCC Tours NW Rapid Manufacturing.
Daniel Findley, Dieterich Steinmetz, Gregg Meyer, and Benny Hill were invited to tour NW Rapid Manufacturing facilities in Mcminnville.   NW […] Posted January 28, 2015
Sylvania Physical Science Department meets up at the MakerSpace
Instructors from the Sylvania Physical Science Department used the wide range of tools housed in the MakerSpace to create projects […] Posted January 5, 2015
Ceramic Pottery Meets MakerSpace
Katherine Vanderzanden a ceramic student used a MakerSpace vinyl cutter to help glaze pottery.  A vinyl sticker was designed and […] Posted January 5, 2015


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