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Profit Mastery: Understand the Numbers and Regain Control of Your Business Profit Mastery: Understand the Numbers and Regain Control of Your Business
This is the next level of financial management: a world-class program designed to help you achieve greater profitably and efficiency.   Profit Mastery is an internationally acclaimed seminar for business owners and managers. This practical, “hands on” seminar deals with action steps for improving profitability […] Posted February 9, 2015
A Look Inside: River Wave Foods A Look Inside: River Wave Foods
How would you feel if you could experience a different culture through something as personal as your own taste buds? River Wave Foods strives to provide that intimate experience to their consumers through a wide array of cooking sauces and tapenades. After leaving the stable […] Posted February 2, 2015
Small Business Resources & Partners
Did you know there numerous organizations in the Portland Metro area that want to help your business succeed? We’ve started an ever growing list for you to view. See it  here.       Posted December 5, 2014
Solo Business Builders
As a solopreneur you’re doing it all. From marketing to invoicing, do you ever wonder how you got into this mess? You became a solopreneur because you love what you do. But when you get bogged down in running your business, you can lose track […] Posted November 5, 2014
Advanced Small Business Management Advanced Small Business Management
Scale your successful business into a million dollar company Do you run a successful business and want to take your business to the next level? Get the boost you need to reach $1+ million in revenue with our advanced Advanced Small Business Management program designed for […] Posted November 5, 2014
Retail Small Business Management Retail Small Business Management
Transform your store into a successful and rewarding retail business Working harder than ever in your retail business but still not selling enough? Our 10-session program is designed to help you increase your business’s profitability and help you work smarter. Learn how to create a […] Posted November 5, 2014
Small Business Builders Small Business Builders
Gain clarity and sustainable success by working ON your business instead of IN it Are you running your business or is it running you? The Small Business Management program is designed for businesses 1-3 years old to help you focus on building a profitable and […] Posted November 4, 2014
Small Business Management Small Business Management
Are you the leader your business needs for continued growth? Growing a business can be overwhelming. The Small Business Management program shows you and a group of your peers how to leverage opportunities for growth while fine-tuning the foundations of your business. Standardize systems, manage […] Posted October 31, 2014
A Look Inside: Pavement Services A Look Inside: Pavement Services
An important part of owning a business is finding the right niche for your services. Just ask John Duval, an engineer and business owner based in Portland area. John owns Pavement Services, a business which is exactly what it sounds like: it’s an engineering firm that […] Posted September 10, 2014
Strengthen Your Business for Government Contracts
Does your small business offer services that could lead to working on ODOT projects? Our ODOT Small Business Management program will give you tools to increase your capacity to complete ODOT and other government contracts. Learn industry tricks of the trade You don’t know what […] Posted August 19, 2014