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The latest news, events, and conversations about sustainability at PCC.

View of Willow Creek’s 109 kWh roof-top photovolactic solar array. Bond commitment to sustainability in play at all campuses and centers
At PCC, sustainability isn’t just an ideal, it’s a commitment that extends to all the work being accomplished through the 2008 voter-approved bond program. As the college increases classroom space, updates equipment and technology, expands workforce training programs and remodels aging buildings, it maintains its […] Posted August 6, 2014
Garden Gossip, June 25 Garden Gossip, June 25
In this article: Community User Bed Update, Summer Volunteer Schedule, Donation List, Learning Garden Potlucks! Community User Bed Update: ​ Harvest your greens! By cutting back your lettuce 2 inches above the soil, you encourage tasty young leaves to grow and prolong the harvest season […] Posted June 25, 2014
student receiving focus award Sustainability Focus Award Ceremony
Congratulations! The first annual Sustainability Focus Award ceremony honored four students: Greg Koch, Stephanie Trijillo, Kimberley Dukes, and Megan McAfee. The Sustainability Focus award recognizes students who have completed a broad range of sustainability related courses. The award is designed to encourage students to learn to see environmental […] Posted June 16, 2014
SLC Retreat attendees Sustainability Leadership Council Retreat
Date: May 30, 2014 – 8:30 am – 12:30 pm, followed by lunch Location: Willow Creek Facilitators: Shirlene Warnock and Jeanne Nyquist, Innovative Growth Solutions, LLC Retreat Objectives: Recognize and celebrate accomplishments. Provide Subcommittees an opportunity to develop a priority goal for the coming year. Identify strategies to […] Posted June 12, 2014
Community user update Garden Gossip, May 15
In this article: Community User Bed Update, Recycled Materials Fashion Show, Photo Montage, Donations. There are still a few bed users who have not weeded around the perimeter of their raised bed. Once you have pulled the weeds or used some shears to cut them […] Posted May 15, 2014
Waste Audit Waste Audit
Interested in knowing what we throw away here at PCC? Derek and Heather of the Environmental Center are conducting a waste audit; taking a landfill-bound waste sample from the CC building and publicly sorting through it in the courtyard outside of the Environmental Center. Our […] Posted May 12, 2014
Loading computers into a truck E-Cycling at Sylvania – it’s permanent!
After six years of recycling computers, electronics and Styrofoam one time per year, Sylvania campus decided it was time for a change. PCC staff, students, and the community wanted more opportunities than once a year to recycle computer equipment in an environmentally responsible way. To […] Posted April 29, 2014
Briar Schoon Welcoming PCC’s Interim Sustainability Manager
Please join us in welcoming Briar Schoon to the position of Interim Sustainability Manager. Briar holds a Masters Degree in Sustainability from Arizona State University.  She has served as PCC’s Sustainability Analyst for the past 17 months, responsible for our Greenhouse Gas reporting and STARS submissions.  […] Posted April 23, 2014
Lunch N Learn Garden Gossip, April 14
In this article:  Earth Week Event Calendar, The Return of Lunch N’ Learn, Spring Volunteer Schedule. Earth Week Event Calendar   4/14 - Library Sustainability Exhibit ALL WEEK –> Rock Creek, Building 9, Library check out the sustainability display and learn how you can save the world! 4/15 - […] Posted April 14, 2014
Screenshot of Earth Week video Earth Week 2014
There are many events and opportunities to choose from during this year’s Earth Week celebrations! View this year’s schedule of events, taking place at Cascade, Rock Creek, Southeast, and Sylvania. You can also check out: the District Earth Week google calendar resources compiled by the PCC […] Posted April 14, 2014