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Celebrating Fair Use Week
This is a guest post by Rachel Bridgwater, Reference Librarian at the PCC Cascade Campus. It is a nice coincidence that I wrap up a month of copyright discussions in the TLCs during Fair Use Week, February 23-27. These conversations have tended to focus on […] Posted February 23, 2015
Creating and Distributing Your Syllabus
Last month the Rock Creek TLC hosted a syllabus construction workshop, presented by Stephanie Yorba (Spanish) and Morgan Lindberg (Japanese). The workshop made me rethink several areas of my syllabus and I wanted to pass along some information as we look towards winter term. Creating […] Posted December 19, 2014
Resources for Teaching About Ferguson 15
Many faculty members discuss current events in our classes in order to connect our curriculum to the “real world.” I teach US History, and connecting the past to the present is an essential skill for my students. As we begin the last week of the […] Posted November 26, 2014
Strategies for Retention in Online Classes 4
This post was written by Southeast TLC Coordinator Samm Erickson. On Tuesday, November 25th, I attended the Faculty Learning Community (FLC) for online instructors at the SE TLC. Our primary focus was on student retention, and the group seemed to come up with several useful […] Posted November 26, 2014
Summer Reading List 1
Putting together a summer reading list? The Chronicle of Higher Education recently posted a list of author James Lang’s Top 10 Books on Teaching. Good news! They are all available through the PCC library! All links below lead to the book in the PCC library catalog. 1. What the […] Posted June 13, 2014
Democracy at School: A Radical Experiment in Community Learning 6
The following is a guest blog post by Rock Creek Sociology Instructor Ben Cushing. You can contact Ben at loren.cushing@pcc.edu with any questions.   “…your footsteps are the road, and nothing more;… there is no road, the road is made by walking.” – Antonio Machado   […] Posted April 10, 2014
Hey Folks. In case you weren’t there, for whatever reason (hopefully you were using your Friday to catch up on work/life balance!) the Anderson Conference was Awesome! Here’s what you missed: Time with colleagues to chat, laugh, check out books, play games. Programs on social […] Posted February 4, 2014
Get inspired by excellence…. 2
Sometimes it seems like actual instruction is invisible. But a few universities are capturing great lectures and posting them online for all to see. Here is MIT’s site for Teaching Excellence. And Stanford University is posting Their lecture series on instruction on Youtube. Here is […] Posted November 18, 2013
What have you done for YOU lately? 1
All colleges and universities everywhere say that Students Must Come First. It would just be wrong to say otherwise. With that in mind, we work to support students in and out of the classroom. I think PCC could easily be regarded as the main social […] Posted October 23, 2013
Adding 'nuance' to Instructor Evaluations Adding ‘nuance’ to Instructor Evaluations
According to the Oregonian, the State of Washington has been test piloting different evaluation models for K-12 Teachers, and all districts must adopt a new model by this school year. “The criteria: High expectations, effective teaching practices, recognizing individual student learning needs, focus on subject […] Posted October 8, 2013