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Creating and Distributing Your Syllabus
Last month the Rock Creek TLC hosted a syllabus construction workshop, presented by Stephanie Yorba (Spanish) and Morgan Lindberg (Japanese). […] Posted December 19, 2014
Resources for Teaching About Ferguson 16
Many faculty members discuss current events in our classes in order to connect our curriculum to the “real world.” I […] Posted November 26, 2014
Strategies for Retention in Online Classes 4
This post was written by Southeast TLC Coordinator Samm Erickson. On Tuesday, November 25th, I attended the Faculty Learning Community […] Posted November 26, 2014
Summer Reading List 1
Putting together a summer reading list? The Chronicle of Higher Education recently posted a list of author James Lang’s Top 10 Books on […] Posted June 13, 2014
Democracy at School: A Radical Experiment in Community Learning 6
The following is a guest blog post by Rock Creek Sociology Instructor Ben Cushing. You can contact Ben at with […] Posted April 10, 2014
Hey Folks. In case you weren’t there, for whatever reason (hopefully you were using your Friday to catch up on […] Posted February 4, 2014


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