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New Study on Changing Faculty Roles

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This is a guest blog post by History Instructor and EAC Chair Sylvia Gray. 

Adapting by Design:  Creating Faculty Roles and Defining Faculty Work to Ensure an Intentional Future for Colleges and Universities  (scroll down for it; there is also an executive summary).

Have you read this study yet?  My heart was beating faster and I felt like cheering, in spite of the work this project will involve.

It is fresh off the press and dovetails nicely with PCC’s ACCEPT Task Force’s report (Addressing the Culture, Climate, and Experience of Part-Timers), broadening the scope, laying out the challenges, and calling for a deliberate, nation-wide discussion concerning the role of faculty. This study is key. It pulls together much research and provides a path forward, suggesting that intentional work on these issues can indeed be successful in improving the situation for all faculty and for all institutions of higher education.

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x by Fran Bozarth 2 years ago

Wow – I had no idea any of this was going on! Fantastic… and let me know how I might be able to become involved in this.

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