Google Drive at PCC: Moving, Deleting (and Not Deleting) Shared Folders and Documents
When is it safe (and not safe) to DELETE a file or folder? Some Google Drive documents are yours and […] Posted November 18, 2016
Retrieve Previously-Deleted Calendar Events
Have you ever deleted a calendar event and later wished you could get it back? Until recently, there was no […] Posted August 10, 2016
Demystifying the Qualtrics New Look
Last month, PCC Qualtrics users were moved over to the “new look.” This updated version of Qualtrics has many benefits, but […] Posted July 11, 2016
Google Calendar Reminders: Integrate Your ‘To-Do’ List into your Calendar
Have you ever used Google Calendar as a reminder tool? For example,  adding items onto your calendar like “call Jim sometime […] Posted May 11, 2016
What’s New with the VoIP Interaction Desktop
A few weeks ago, PCC upgraded its VoIP “Interaction Desktop” software. Formerly known as the “interaction Client” software, this is […] Posted April 13, 2016
Google Forms – New and Improved!
Have you tried the new Google Forms? It’s a lot better than the old Google Forms. You should check it […] Posted February 12, 2016
Google Drive: Moving, Deleting (and Not Deleting) Shared Items 1
Here at TSS Training Team headquarters, we get a fair number of questions about moving and deleting Google Drive documents […] Posted February 12, 2016
Keystroke / Typing Shortcuts to Keep Your Fingers Happy
I often find that typing is faster for me than clicking icons, so I always like to know about keyboard […] Posted July 29, 2015
Google Drive New Feature: Information Rights Management
Google Drive at PCC has a new feature called Information Rights Management (IRM). This new feature gives users the option […] Posted July 15, 2015
Missed the Qualtrics Summit? Get the handouts and presentations
We had a strong showing at the 1st Annual Qualtrics Summit, with outstanding contributions from speakers who shared some of […] Posted June 3, 2015



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