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Keystroke / Typing Shortcuts to Keep Your Fingers Happy

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I often find that typing is faster for me than clicking icons, so I always like to know about keyboard shortcuts.

universalSome keyboard shortcuts are well-known:

  • Ctrl + C = copy
  • Ctrl + V = paste
  • Ctrl = Z = undo the last thing you typed

One keyboard shortcut I didn’t know until fairly recently is:

  • Ctrl + A = highlight ALL

Ctrl+A allows you to instantly highlight an entire email, an entire page, or a webpage URL. After I learned this one from my colleague Max Macias, I suddenly started finding many, many uses for it.    More Shortcuts

Windows-Based Keystroke Shortcuts

windows buttonIf you have a Windows computer, the Windows button (located just to the right of the Ctrl button) is an underrated keystroke goldmine!

Hitting the Windows button opens up your Start Menu. Holding the Windows button down and then typing a number with it (Win +1, Win+2, etc.) opens up programs you have on the toolbar at the bottom of your screen.

For example, if I type Win+1 on my keyboard, it opens up the first item I have on my toolbar, which is my “Windows Explorer” folder (see picture below):


This allows me to start accessing my F and H drives, computer folders and more using this one keystroke.     More Windows Shortcuts

Banner-Based Keystroke Shortcuts

In Banner, there are many helpful keystroke shortcuts:

  • Ctrl+Q = Quit (or “Exit”)
    This closes whatever screen you are in and takes you back to the previous screen)
  • Ctrl+PageDown = Next Block
    This takes you to the next block or section in Banner.
  • Shift+F7= Rollback
    Takes you back to the top — the first, top-most section of the screen you’re on, so you can start over.
  • F10 = Save
  • More Banner shortcuts can be found here: Navigation Tips, Icons, Keystrokes and Drop-Down Menus [pdf]
PCC-Specific Shortcuts

Here’s a PCC-specific typing shortcut I have been using. It’s not really a keystroke per se; I just find that it saves me time.

To look someone up in the PCC Staff Directory, go up to the top of your Internet browser window and type:


Press Enter and it takes you straight to the PCC staff directory page.

To get straight to a specific person’s Staff Directory entry, just add their first or last name to the string, like this:


This takes you straight to the staff directory entry for employee Jim Templeton (as well as Michael Templeton).

And finally, I would be remiss if I did not mention this one:


Typing this at the top of your browser window takes you to a more direct way to log into your PCC email / calendar / drive without having to go through MyPCC.

Do you have a typing / keyboard shortcut to share? Please do! Use the “start the discussion” space below to chime in.

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