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Demystifying the Qualtrics New Look

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Last month, PCC Qualtrics users were moved over to the “new look.” This updated version of Qualtrics has many benefits, but it does take a little getting used to. Here’s some information about the new look and a few new features that have been added.

What’s New?

  • Surveys, Questionnaires and Forms in Qualtrics are now called Projects
  • Collaboration (giving another Qualtrics-user permission to edit, view reports, etc.) is now called Sharing. Click the dropdown arrow to the right of one of your listed Projects to share it with another user
  • Download the Results – Click to open one of your Projects, then click the words “Data & Analysis” near the top left, then choose “Export/Import” near the top-right corner to export (download) the results
  • Reports – Reports look a little different. See this Reports Overview page for a quick summary. For more depth, watch Qualtrics’ extensive reporting webinar, which will explain all the changes and main functionality
  • Visualizations – This refers to Charts, Graphs and other visuals you can add to make your survey results look really cool. For more information, check out this visualizations overview support page

In an effort to better assist you, we have created a handout that covers how to perform basic Qualtrics functions (like create a survey, send it out, work with the results) in the new look.

For a limited time only, you can revert back to the old look. Just click on the top right corner of the Qualtrics window (once you’ve logged in) and choose “Leave the Qualtrics Insight Platform.” But don’t get too comfortable — the option to revert back to the old look will be removed one day. We recommend that you ween yourself away from that option over the next month or so.

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