Google Drive at PCC: Moving, Deleting (and Not Deleting) Shared Folders and Documents
When is it safe (and not safe) to DELETE a file or folder? Some Google Drive documents are yours and […] Posted November 18, 2016
Retrieve Previously-Deleted Calendar Events
Have you ever deleted a calendar event and later wished you could get it back? Until recently, there was no […] Posted August 10, 2016
Google Calendar Reminders: Integrate Your ‘To-Do’ List into your Calendar
Have you ever used Google Calendar as a reminder tool? For example,  adding items onto your calendar like “call Jim sometime […] Posted May 11, 2016
Google Forms – New and Improved!
Have you tried the new Google Forms? It’s a lot better than the old Google Forms. You should check it […] Posted February 12, 2016
Google Drive: Moving, Deleting (and Not Deleting) Shared Items 1
Here at TSS Training Team headquarters, we get a fair number of questions about moving and deleting Google Drive documents […] Posted February 12, 2016
Some Tips on Searching in Gmail 5
Search your Computer Searching your email can sometimes be a pain. In an effort to alleviate this, please read these […] Posted April 15, 2015
Google Slide Icon Google Sheet Tip: Protect a Range or Sheet From Being Edited
If you want to restrict who can edit a specific group of cells or a specific sheet in a spreadsheet, […] Posted February 20, 2015
New The New Google Drive
  ___________________________________________________________________________________________ The new Google Drive is the same Google Drive you know and love, just faster and works more […] Posted November 5, 2014
Create a Class Contact Group in Gmail 9/2014
Login to MyPCC then,   Select the faculty Tab and go to your class summary in MyPCC.  It is located […] Posted September 18, 2014
Meet the New Google Drive “Look”
Are you seeing the “new look” in Google Drive these days? Or would you like to see how Google Drive is going to […] Posted August 7, 2014



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