1st Annual PCC Qualtrics Summit – June 2
The 1st Annual PCC Qualtrics Users Summit: Tuesday, June 2 Plus a “Pre-Summit” for interested employees on June 1   […] Posted May 8, 2015
Some Tips on Searching in Gmail 5
Search your Computer Searching your email can sometimes be a pain. In an effort to alleviate this, please read these […] Posted April 15, 2015
The Five (5) Greatest PCC Phone Tips Known to Humankind
PCC’s “VoIP” phone system has a lot of advantages and features. But what good are all those features if you […] Posted March 16, 2015
Google Slide Icon Google Sheet Tip: Protect a Range or Sheet From Being Edited
If you want to restrict who can edit a specific group of cells or a specific sheet in a spreadsheet, […] Posted February 20, 2015
Set Your Profile image in Spaces
Your profile picture is used as the icon to represent you in the People Directory, and to illustrate your comments. It also […] Posted December 10, 2014
New The New Google Drive
  ___________________________________________________________________________________________ The new Google Drive is the same Google Drive you know and love, just faster and works more […] Posted November 5, 2014
SE Tech Topics – a series of presentations for Southeast Campus 1
SE Tech Topics at PCC Southeast: October 21 — November 14 A series of one-hour talks / presentations / mini-trainings […] Posted October 15, 2014
Create a Class Contact Group in Gmail 9/2014
Login to MyPCC then,   Select the faculty Tab and go to your class summary in MyPCC.  It is located […] Posted September 18, 2014
Meet the New Google Drive “Look”
Are you seeing the “new look” in Google Drive these days? Or would you like to see how Google Drive is going to […] Posted August 7, 2014
Office 2013 – What’s New?
Currently, many users at PCC have Office 2010 installed on their computers, while others are using the newer version, Office 2013. If you’re still […] Posted June 13, 2014



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